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Super Hyper Spider Typer [Web] – Chameleon / Berry, Firefly

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Media: video game: “Super Hyper Spider Typer”
Developer: Kaboose, Inc.
Platform: Web


This game requires Flash in order to play.


In this educational typing Flash game played in-browser, words on the back of approaching chameleons must be typed using the keyboard, in order to save Berry the hairy spider. If a chameleon gets too close, it will pull her into its mouth using its long tongue and swallow, with a small bulge traveling down its belly. Once all lives are lost, the game over screen features a bloated chameleon sitting down, with Berry struggling, causing bulges to appear in the stomach wall. After a few seconds, the chameleon will also swallow a nearby firefly, illuminating its insides, with Berry sitting inside.

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