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Chop Chop Caveman [iOS] – Flytrap / Caveman, Szechuan

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Media: video game: “Chop Chop Caveman”
Developer: Gamerizon
Platform: iOS


In this mobile game, the player controls a caveman in search for food. There are flytraps in various stages that will chew on anything that gets too close, the caveman included, but will spit him back out even if all his health is depleted (though he does turn into a piece of meat that other enemies can take, this is true when the caveman loses all health by any means and is not specific to the flytrap).

The first boss of the game is Szechuan, a boar, and must be defeated in this way. Stomping on it will stun it, but not damage it. In order to defeat it, the caveman must pick the boar up while stunned and feed it to a nearby flytrap.

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Written by Esuriit

2020 January 31 at 00:00