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Burly Men at Sea [Android, Computer, iOS, PS4, Switch, Vita] – The Great Barnacled One / Burly Men, Boat

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Media: video game: “Burly Men at Sea”
Developer: Brain&Brain
Platform: Android, Computer, iOS, PS4, Switch, Vita


The first event that the Burly Men can encounter is setting sail on a boat and being promptly swallowed by The Great Barnacled One, a giant whale, boat and all. Inside, they can see nymphs inhabiting inside, and are able to escape by interacting with a uvula-like appendage, causing the whale to shoot the Burly Men out of its blowhole.
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Extreme Dinosaurs; 1×21 ‘The Bad Seed’ – Flytraps / Dinosaurs

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Media: animated series: “Extreme Dinosaurs”
Episode: 1×21: “The Bad Seed”

The raptors’ plan to raise Earth’s temperature for this episode involves rapidly growing plants that produce potent greenhouse gases. Seeking plant samples, they are seen to collect a species of flytrap (which we see eating a fly), and when Haxx comments on its small size, Spittor hints at his plans to beef them up.

Using their special lights to speed their growth, the raptors unleash the plants – which are now colossal size – onto New York city. One of the flytraps is seen to engulf a bus (though the people inside escape before becoming plant food) and spits it out shortly afterwards.

Bullzeye, believing himself to be safe in the air lets his guard down and becomes engulfed for a few minutes while the other dinosaurs themselves struggle with growing vines. They advise him to try freezing the plant from the inside, which causes it to spit him out.

Later on, T-Bone, Spike and Stegz willingly allow some of the flytraps to engulf them as part of a plan to transport themselves to the raptors’ base of operation. They employ the same strategy and freeze the plants from the inside, causing to spit them out. Oddly, both T-Bone and Spike are ejected clean and dry, while Stegz is the only one smeared with purple saliva. “Messy, but otherwise a superb form of transportation”, he says.

As the Extreme Dinosaurs fight the raptors, they headbutt a cyber-raptor into the maw of one of the flytraps, and after knocking Haxx and Spittor off of the building, Badrap also gets a taste of being plant-food himself. Stegz reverses the grow lights and the plants recede – including three flytraps that spit out the raptors (though we didn’t see Haxx and Spittor being engulfed on-screen). Read the rest of this entry »

Glutton Truck [iOS] – Glutton Truck / Vehicles

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Media: video game: “Glutton Truck”
Developer: Kanghoon LIM


In this simple game, you control Glutton Truck as it eats other vehicles be rear-ending them. Enemy cars that can be eaten are indicated by coloured boxes in the corner of the screen, though larger cars and brown cars can’t be eaten. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Esuriit

2012 March 23 at 08:00