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Extreme Dinosaurs; 1×11 ‘Loch Ness Mess’ – Loch Ness Monster / Stegz

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Media: animated series: “Extreme Dinosaurs”
Episode: 1×11: “Loch Ness Mess”


In this episode, the dinosaurs are interested in the famous Loch Ness because they believe it to be another dinosaur.

The raptors, who make the first contact with Nessie, try to train it to attack effigies of each of the Extreme Dinosaurs and eventually discover the monster’s love for herring, giving rise to their plan to bait the Loch Ness monster into eating the Extreme Dinosaurs.

Though the raptors manage to get T-Bone and Spike into the water and gets Nessie to attack them, we know it won’t really succeed, but throughout the episode we see various shots of the Loch Ness monster’s maw while it tries. Near the end of the episode Stegz manages to reunite the Loch Ness monster with its child and as thanks, gets a big sloppy full-body lick. Read the rest of this entry »

DinoCity – Plant / Player

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Media: video game: “DinoCity”
Developer: Irem
Platform: SNES


Early in stage 1, if you enter the dark brown door, you will be transported to an area with numerous dinosaur plants. They cannot be damaged, and if you venture too near (or are unwittingly sent to their proximity by trampoline creatures or rising platforms) both the human and dinosaur partners are drawn in, chewed up with a deep rumbling sound and spat out. If all hearts are depleted, they are expelled regardless. It is possible to send either the human or the dinosaur friend to be masticated separately, depending on whether or not you make the human dismount his dinosaur partner. If the partner who isn’t being controlled falls prey to them, they won’t lose any hearts. Read the rest of this entry »