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Update 2020/05/15 – Need help!

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Just a brief update into recent happenings. If you’re a regular visitor, you may have noticed that since 2019 December, posts have increased so that multiple pages can be scheduled on a given day, and from 2020 April, frequency of scheduled days have been increased to twice per week instead of once per week. Though this might coincide with the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s not an indication that I have elected to self-quarantine or anything. I’m still working full-time. Even more recently, I have been trying to archive all content online, separate from this site, which has added a lot of work.

All these factors combined means I’m becoming a little burned-out.

I still haven’t been able to find anyone willing to help me with this site, though it’s something I do wish for. If anyone is interested, or knows anyone who might be interested in helping, please send them here.

Current stats:

  • 238 published posts
  • 79 scheduled posts between 2020 May 15 and 2020 August 21
  • 343 videos uploaded to YouTube
  • 1741 images (1.1GB) hosted on WordPress

Written by Esuriit

2020 May 15 at 00:02

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Ninth Birthday? Ouch…

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Damn, I first started this site in 2010, while I was still in university, and I’ve been away for about half that time. I’m still trying to become active again, though this can’t be anything more than something I do when I have spare time. Because this is something I can do only sporadically, I schedule my posts quite infrequently just to give the impression that I’m still around and active.

Current obstacles and issues so far:

  1. Infrequent posts/updates – I write my posts in bulk and schedule them weekly over the following six months or so. If I had some interested parties to help write posts and gather (or capture) pictures and videos, then updates could be more frequent and regular, with less chance of going into hiatus. As it stands, at one scheduled post per week, this site would still take a very, very long time to become a reputable ‘database’ of sorts. A twice-per-week update schedule would be most ideal (meaning roughly 100 scenes per year), but the more, the better. This sounds stupid, but if I want to capture game footage myself, a lot of the time actually goes into playing the games themselves. Like, getting to the end-game of Final Fantasy X takes so many hours to get to, just for the sake of a few posts.
  2. Limited space for media – So far I have used 14% of my total storage space on my WordPress account to store all my pictures. While this might not sound like much, if I ever try to upload videos of scenes from cartoons or films, that can’t go up on YouTube, this would be eaten up very quickly. Once the storage is used up, I would have to either resort to upgrading the site to a paid plan, or try host the images elsewhere. One possibility is upgrading to monetize this site through ads (which would need US$96 annually as an upfront cost), and I’m fairly certain this site does not get enough traffic to sustain that. (It is a niche site after all.) To be clear, despite the presence of advertisements on this site, it is actually not monetized. They are there because this is a free plan WordPress site.
  3. Difficult navigation – I’m looking at you, ‘Categories’. I mean, I like that I can put them in hierarchies, but I’m getting to the point where the taxonomy is becoming complicated, and the desired category difficult to find for the new visitor. I intended a system where a visitor can say “I want to see all posts with canines in them,” while at the same time, another visitor can say “No, I want to see the posts with just foxes,” and the categories can do that. It just becomes increasingly difficult to find what someone wants the more categories go up.
  4. Copyright – This is more of an issue with featuring clips of TV shows and films, regardless of how short. Hence, this site has gravitated towards video games more than anything else, as footage of video games tends to be less problematic. This is mainly an issue with uploading to YouTube (and I don’t want strikes on my account!), but in reality, this is a problem regardless of where a clip is uploaded to.

Hopefully now that I’m not as busy as I used to be, I can put more time into this site. Or hopefully I can find people to join this site to help me out!

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2019 August 2 at 00:00

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A quick nod

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To my few visitors – just a note to say I haven’t abandoned this project – my life is just currently hectic and I am finding it difficult to set time aside to work on it.

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2015 May 15 at 16:16

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