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To look for feedback regarding specific aspects of this site, I will put up polls now and again to get public opinion.

Posting Schedule

Currently posts are published and publicly available on a schedule so that I can capture and write entries in bulk at certain points throughout the year and have them come out regularly. Is this preferable, or would you prefer entries be published and available immediately? The latter could mean bursts of content as well as stretches of time without new content.


Category Taxonomy

Opening parent categories such as ‘canine’ will also return child categories such as ‘fox’ and ‘wolf.’ Although this might make opening similar entries easier, it does add extra clutter, and hierarchies are inconsistent (note there is no parent category for ‘vertebrates’, but there is for ‘invertebrates’) and non-scientific (pterosaurs are technically not dinosaurs, but are included as ‘dinosaurs’). Eliminating parent categories would reduce clutter, but will make it slightly less organized, instead listing everything everything in alphabetical order, without grouping similar subjects. Which do you prefer?


Written by Esuriit

2019 May 29 at 17:23

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