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For desktop users, navigation throughout this blog is primary through the menu bar on the right-hand side of the page. Mobile and other views are not unsupported, but may not display as originally intended. American English spelling conventions will be used as the standard. Time will be referenced using Coordinated Universal Time (UTC +0).

Each ‘encounter’ (as I like to call them) will ideally receive its own dedicated post (though not always). This is to make searching more specific. Posts can be searched for a string of text using the search function on the right-hand side, otherwise, each post will be categorized depending on type of encounter, media type, predator characteristics, prey characteristics and rating, and automatically sorted to view newest posts first. See below under ‘Categories’ for more details. Each category is simply based on my own understanding and preferences, and my own personal ‘definitions’. To view ‘definitions’ of each category, simply mouse-over the relevant link. Unfortunately I have yet to figure out a way to organize posts using more than one category at once.


Categories can have hierarchy. Clicking a parent category will return posts that fit any category belonging to that parent. As such, parent categories such as ‘All Encounters’ will simply display every post and are mainly used to group lower categories more neatly. Mouse-over categories to view their definitions.

  • ‘*Contribution Needed*’ is simply a catch-all category that I tag onto posts that have something missing. This might be information, high quality pictures or high quality videos.
  • ‘Encounters’ describe the nature of contact between predator and prey, as well any circumstances that may or may not directly affect the encounter itself.
  • ‘Media’ describes what platform or format the encounter is found on, such as video game platforms, cartoons or films.
  • ‘Characteristics’ describes the party members of each encounter in terms of species, either based on appearance or canon. Predator characteristics are prefixed by the white knight symbol (♘) whereas prey characteristics are prefixed by the white pawn symbol (♙).
  • ‘Modifiers’ also describes the party members involved, but describes factors that are not necessarily exclusive to their characteristics, such as gender. Predator modifiers are prefixed by the black knight symbol (♞) whereas prey modifiers are prefixed by the black pawn symbol (♟).
  • ‘Rating’ is a very subjective category that simply describes how much I like that particular encounter. A post rated as five stars (☆☆☆☆☆) means it is an encounter I like very much. Posts rated one star (☆) is one I find unimpressive personally, and was included mainly for completion purposes.


Please also note that there is content I’m reluctant to include in this blog:

  • Anything overly violent or tragic.
  • Real-life depictions such as nature documentaries.

Written by Esuriit

2010 August 2 at 17:42