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Due to this project being (so far) a solo endeavor, this blog has been very prone to becoming inactive, particularly in times where I have other commitments to attend to. If you share the same interest and feel you wish to be a part of the project, I’d be ever so grateful.

I also find the project eats into my personal funds (like buying movies and video games I wouldn’t have wanted otherwise) – not that I want or recommend other people throwing their own funds into the project, mind you – I just figure if some of you out there already have a collection and are able to record/capture them then it’s a bonus.

  • No obligations or commitments – if you want to write a single post once in a blue moon I’d still be very grateful. And if you decide you’re not having fun and want to stop, then no worries either.
  • Different roles needed – whether finding a scene, writing about it (basic bare-bones), recording/capturing it, et cetera.
  • The only other thing I’m not keen about is real-life depictions. That’s uh… kinda crossing the line for me.

Please get in touch with me if you’re at all interested or have questions. You can leave a comment (and an e-mail address) or e-mail me directly at [my second name][my first name][at][gmail][dot][com].


Written by Dragan Komodo

2014 February 13 at 15:53

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