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Monster Maulers [Arcade] – Fungus / Kotetsu, Anne, Eagle

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Media: video game: “Monster Maulers”
Developer: Konami


The boss of the Bermuda stage is known as Fungus, and appears to be an amorphous, masculine blob-like creature. He will occasionally jump in the air and come down on the player character (one of either two male or one female characters) and engulf them, trapping them inside his body in a ball-like structure. Mashing buttons will allow the player character to struggle and escape faster. Losing all health in this manner will still result in the player character being ejected. Read the rest of this entry »

The Immortal [Amiga, Atari ST, Computer, NES, SG] – Slime / Wizard

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Media: video game: “The Immortal”
Developer: Sandcastle
Platform: Amiga, Atari ST, Computer, NES, SG


From level 2, there are slime enemies that will crawl around the ground. If they touch the wizard, they will engulf him and instantly digest him into a pile of bones, causing a game over.

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Terranigma [SNES] – Cube / Ark

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Media: video game: “Terranigma”
Developer: Quintet


Late in the game, simple cube enemies are encountered in Beruga’s Lab as well as in the Lab Tower in Siberia. These cubes simply bounce backwards and forwards between walls, and if they collided with Ark, they would encase him, slowly draining him of health until they are destroyed with any regular attacks. Read the rest of this entry »

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2012 December 21 at 08:00

Kirby’s Dream Land 3 [SNES, Wii] – Kirby and Friends / Various

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Media: video game: “Kirby’s Dream Land 3”
Developer: HAL Laboratory
Platform: SNES, Wii


In Kirby’s Dream Land 3, Kirby is joined by his blue counter-part known as Gooey can be spawned by pressing the A button and controlled with the second controller. A few different cast members can also help out, giving the various powers in the game some variability depending on which animal is befriended. There’s Kine the ocean sunfish, Nago the cat, Coo the owl, Chuchu the Slime, Pitch the bird and Rick the hamster. As should be common knowledge to most gamers, Kirby can gain the powers of his enemies by inhaling them and absorbing them, or may simply spit them out to use them as a makeshift missile.

Just like Kirby, Gooey shares the ability to absorb enemies’ abilities when controlled by a second person, but instead of inhaling them, he uses his long tongue to draw them in.

Interestingly, Kirby can inhale and absorb Gooey to regain one full icon of health (the cost of summoning him) though Gooey can’t do the same to Kirby.

Kirby can be seen swallowing Gooey so at 6:05 of the following video.

Of Kirby’s other friends, Kine and Rick are both worth a mention. When partnered with Kine (by pressing X next to him), he will take Kirby and hold him in his mouth, and when the partnership is cancelled (X again), he will spit him out.

In the introduction to world 2, they make use of this as a joke. Kirby and Chuchu are walking by a body of water when Kine hops out and snags Kirby in his lips. He and Chuchu fight over Kirby, each wanting him for themselves, though when Kine tries to take Kirby back, it is implied that he accidentally swallowed Kirby.

Kine accidentally swallows Kirby:

Rick is the only other friend who can directly swallow an enemy. When partnered with him, Kirby will ride on his back, and the Y button, which is normally used for Kirby’s inhale, will make Rick open his mouth to allow him to swallow an enemy (giving the power to Kirby) or spit them out like normal.

Rick can be seen doing his thing at 1:50 of this video. In that same video, Gooey makes good use of his tongue at 0:57.

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