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Suikoden [PS1] – Creeper / Various

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Media: video game: “Suikoden”
Developer: Konami
Platform: PS1


A few hours into the game, after the second major battle at Garan, you can encounter pitcher plant-like enemies known as Creeper in the overworld map outside the towns Antei, Teien, Rikon, etc. as well as inside Scarletica. One of their attacks is to draw a character into their bodies, squeeze them a number of times before expelling them. Due to the diversity of potential victims, it is difficult to be thorough as to who can fall prey, however they may include humans, elves and kobolds (portrayed as dog-men). Read the rest of this entry »


Suikoden II [PS1] – Creeper / Various

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Media: video game: “Suikoden II”
Developer: Konami
Platform: PS1


A few hours into the game in the Sindar Ruins, you can encounter the pitcher plant-like monsters known as Creeper which have the ability to inhale party members and squeeze them before spitting them out. It is difficult to say who can be plant-food in this version, as you are assigned a random selection of your recruited party members for this part of the game, which may include humans, kobolds (portrayed as dog-men), a squirrel or a wolf. Once the boss of the Sindar Ruins is defeated, it seems that you can no longer encounter them.

Later in the game, while escaping from Greenhill the first time, you can fight a variation of the Creeper enemies, known as Melonzoo. Apart from being stronger and having the watermelon-like stripes to its appearance, it is otherwise identical with the same inhale attack. The Melonzoo can only be fought at this time. Possible characters are again limited because there is an age restriction for party members at this point in the game, but may include humans, kobolds (dog-men), a squirrel or a wolf. Read the rest of this entry »

Radical Rex [Genesis, Sega CD, SNES] – Allosaurus / Radical Rex

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Media: video game: “Radical Rex”
Developer: Beam Software
Platform: Genesis, Sega CD, SNES


Radical Rex can be seen carelessly skateboarding into the mouth of an allosaurus twice in the game. At the beginning of level 3 – known as ‘Inner Works 1’ – Rex is seen skateboarding and attempts to stop once he sees his would-be predator, but gets eaten anyway (his skateboard is spit out). Similarly at the beginning of level 8 – ‘Inner Works 2’ – Rex does an aerial trick with his skateboard and inadvertently lands in the mouth of what appears to be the same dinosaur. Both of these levels are convoluted maze levels with what one would imagine is inside a living creature, including stomach acids. If Rex falls into the acid pits, he will immediately disintegrate and lose a life.

A level select code exists – on the game start screen (where “1 Player” etc. can be selected),  input the following using the second controller:

  • On Genesis and Sega CD: A, C, Down, Right, Up, B.
  • On SNES: Right, A, Down, Right, Y, X.

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Zombies Ate My Neighbours [Genesis, SNES, Wii] – Snakeoid / Zeke, Julie

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Media: video game: “Zombies Ate My Neighbours”
Developer: LucasArts
Platform: Genesis, SNES, Wii VC


Level 20 is known as ‘Invasion of the Snakeoids’, which first features the giant underground worm-like enemies. Initially, they appear only as moving soil when seen from above and will not attack if the player does not move, but will suddenly erupt out of the ground if the player steps in the ‘wrong’ spot in relation to them. They attack by licking and swinging around their long pink tongues covered in green saliva though will not grab or engulf a player.

If one wishes to reach level 20 in a hurry, they can input the password FKYQ to begin at level 17. Read the rest of this entry »

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2010 August 7 at 00:00